A Billing Dispute may be lodged by emailing accounts@softkings.co.za or calling our billing department on 012 7520 998 within 30 days of the invoice date of the invoice in dispute.

The Billing Dispute Notice should clearly set out:

  • Invoice number and date;
  • The amount in dispute (“the Disputed Amount”);
  • The amount not in dispute (“the Undisputed Amount”);
  • The full details of the dispute; and
  • Any relevant evidence or documentation you wish to submit in support of your complaint.

All disputes are subject to internal investigation. Please allow 2-3 business days for your dispute to be resolved.

After the investigation has concluded, should a credit note be due to you please allow additional 2-3 business days for this to reflect on your account.

Pro rata invoicing is only applicable to uncapped ADSL and Fibre packages. Capped packages are billed for the full cost of the service regardless of the activation date. You will receive the full allocation of the capped account regardless of the activation date